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Looking into Death: An Evolution through Time in England to 1800 PDF
Thanh Truc Truong
Shakespeare's Philosophy of Music PDF ()
Emily Sulka
Surface Modification of Laser Metal Deposited Ti-6Al-4V+10%Mo for Biomedical Applications PDF
Arianna Rachel Ziemer
Methionine Sulfoxide Reductase Expression in Response to Anoxic Stress Conditions in D. melanogaster PDF
Evgeniya Rakitina
The Game of United States Diplomacy Within the Ottoman Empire: How the United States’ Interests in the Ottoman Empire Delayed its Entrance into the Great War PDF
Robert Francis Nowland
Impact of Exercise and Mindfulness Activities on Cognitive Performance PDF
Kayla Setzer
Automatic Residential Load Offsetting via Battery Energy Storage System PDF
Darby Hudnall, Lindsi Jones, Joseph Crain, Chad Ekre, Jed Brown
Constructing Community: The Performance Art of Laurie Anderson PDF
Chava Krivchenia
Health or harm: The role of fitness technology on safe drinking choices PDF
Jennifer Ann Kelleher
Does Entrepreneurial Orientation Create Value for Stakeholders? Lessons Learned from S & P 500 Companies PDF
Sara Ann Antony
Effects of ultrasound on the digestive enzyme pepsin A PDF
Kathryn Kapp, Rebecca Hetz
Nicholas Rigel, Amil G Anderson
The Effect of Chronotype on Alcohol Consumption Among College Students PDF
Alyssa Fuhr
The Effect of Grain Shape on Side-Wall Pressure in Model Grain Silos PDF
Salem Clay Wright
It’s Just a Jump to the Right: The Tea Party’s Influence on Conservative Discourse PDF
Richard DeShay Elliott
Forensic Chemical Analysis of Synthetic Cathinones Using Portable Mass Spectrometric Instrumentation PDF
Caitlin Cain
N1 to Distractor Tones is Affected by Tone Salience and Primary Task Difficulty PDF
Andrea Perez-Munoz, Patrick L. Woody, James W. Rogers, Jamonte Wilson, Jeffrey J. Sable
Intergenerational Communication Effectiveness Training in a Preschool Classroom PDF
Mallory Schroeder
Harmonization of Sensor Measurement to Support Health Research PDF
Nicole Burnett
How The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act Affects Archaeology at Ocmulgee PDF
Michael Williams
Computing an Algorithm to Detect Three-Dimensional Objects in Space PDF
Ken Ryumae
Colliding-Wind Binaries with Orbital Motion: Line Wind Formulation PDF
Brendan Michael O'Connor
A Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Maximum Power Point Tracking of Solar Photovoltaic Systems PDF
Nicholas Foster, Brian McCray, Samuel McWhorter
All-PM Thulium Doped Fiber Laser System PDF
Alejandro M. Alderete
Hyperspectral Imaging for In Vivo Detection of Trachea Tissue PDF
William Yardley Christensen
Laser Ablation- Laser Induced Fluorescence (LA-LIF) for Arsenic Detection in Steel PDF
Patrick Tribbett, Christopher Jones
Determination of Microcystin-LR in Municipal Water Using HPLC-UV/Vis PDF
Alyssa Melvin
3, 5-Di-substitued Cyano-Scorpionate Ligand PDF PDF
Ruth Aanuoluwapo Adeyemi, Arielle Pompilius
Photovoltaics in Eastern Kentucky: The feasibility study of abundant renewable energy resources PDF
Adam Stanley
The Implications of the Female Athlete Triad on the Development of Second Metatarsal Stress Fractures in Professional Classical Ballet Dancers PDF
Shira Elana Lanyi
General Aviation Hypoxia and Reporting Statistics PDF
Claire Schindler
Improving Speech Recognition for Interviews with both Clean and Telephone Speech PDF
Sung Woo Choi
The Religiosity of LSD Users with Pre-existing Schizophrenic Tendencies PDF
Kailey Marie Babcock
How Can General Education Be Innovative PDF
Liv Winnicki
Perceived Importance of Alcohol and Peer Pressure Predict Alcohol Consumption among College Students PDF
Jacqueline Marie Ziegman
Surface layer climatological analysis of meteorological data at The VCU Rice Rivers Center PDF
Joseph Robinson
Thermostability Analyses of Broad Spectrum Antibiotics Cephalexin and Ciprofloxacin via Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry PDF
Aerial Marie Pratt
A Comparative Study of Mental Illness in the United States Compared to Developing Countries: Analyzing the Role of the Health Care Systems and Eastern vs. Western Psychology PDF
Megan Hossler
Are College Students Playing Hard so That They Can Drink Harder?: Examining Greek Affiliation as a Predictor of Drunkorexia PDF
Sarah Katherine Wyand
Factors Contributing to the Walk-to-Run Transition in Human Gait PDF
Thomas John Otley, Nicholas Yowell Kulaga
The Effect of Musical Training on Working Memory PDF
Rachel Dumke
An Investigation of Similarities and Differences between Perceptions of Male and Female Teachers in the Elementary Grades PDF
Benjamin Taylor Dickey
Why College Students Vote PDF
Maribeth Guarino
The Polyphonic Poetics of Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons and Its Ontological Implications PDF
Roy Auh
Exercise: Blocking the Negative Effects of Social Isolation Stress in an Animal Model PDF
Miranda Lynn Cox
Ebola the Enemy: How the U.S. Media Militarized the 2014 Ebola Epidemic PDF
Sarah Gaylen Chamness
Music Deserts: How Social Inequality Affects Accessibility To Music Resources Important To Actively Participating In Music PDF
Everardo Reyes
The Nature of Neural Activity in Hippocampus Evoked by an Object in Place Task PDF
Meghan Nicole Pavelka, Ricardo Salinas
Analytic Solution to a Three-Level Optical Pumping System with Constant Coefficients PDF
William A Dulaney
Fecal Coliforms Increase in a Storm Drain Fed Pond After Rain Events PDF
Veronica J. Albrecht
Grammar and Agency in U.S. News Media Constructions of Latin American and Latino Populations PDF
William Kakenmaster
To Be Black, Female, and Already Dead: Black Women, Discourses on Value, and Disposability PDF
Itané O Coleman
Identification of a Novel Gene That Plays a Role in High Light Tolerance in the Green Micro-alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii PDF
Kevin Manoap-Anh-Khoa Nguyen, Ja'Von Swint, Joel Page III, Kenneth Kim, Katherine Smith, Tai Truong, Kasey Swilley
The urban heat island effect and its impact on lichen abundance and diversity in Jefferson County, Kentucky PDF
Austin Adam
Fortification of Sourdough with Lupin Bean Flour to Increase Protein and Micronutrient Content of Wheat Bread PDF
Danielle Brynne Morrison, DTR
Novel Tests of Gravity Below Fifty Microns PDF
Jeremy Scott Johnson, Gabriela Dominique Martinez, Anthony E Sanchez, Noah K Dunkley
Determination of Anti-Fibrotic Effects of Possible Scar-Collagen Antagonists on TGF-β1 Treated Dermal Fibroblasts PDF
Janelle Nicola De Jong
A New Generation of Maze for a Drosophila Olfactory Memory Assay PDF
Alyssa Risner, Shawn Scialabba, Phillip Strickland, Alvina Emran
Bioethics and Depression: How Antidepressants May Decrease a Patient’s Autonomy PDF
Monica Lauren Maxino
Molecular Genetic Analysis of 5’-3’ Exoribonuclease (Xrn) Mutants in the Model Green Alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii PDF
Daniela Ysabel Castellanos, Valerie E Riehl, Megan M. Agustine, Aaron B. Maldonado
a return to Tradition PDF
West R-A Poindexter
The Asexual Experience and Community in Denmark PDF
J. J. Christine Otto
Sustainability Index: Green and Sustainable Evaluation of Active and Passive Remediation Techniques PDF
Alexis Smoot, Alexandra Kramer, Sarah Bird
Atheist Discrimination in America. Real or Imagined PDF
Lauren Gray Stogner
Does Marking With DayGlo ECO Aurora Pink Pigment Powder Affect the Development or Survival of Monarch Caterpillars? PDF () PDF
Nancy Shryock
A balanced Eastern and Western music is the key to Modern music development PDF
Susan Ming
Effects of Atmospheric Acid Reduction on Water Chemistry of Three Virginia Trout Streams PDF
Kevin Pyszka
Decoding NGO Action: How the role of NGOs Propagates Conflict between Refugee Groups and Host Communities PDF
Abby L Ragan
Breaking the Friction: Active Flow Control Tackling the Challenge in Aircraft Fuel Consumption and A Brief Outlook to the Future of Aerospace Applications PDF
Carlos A Caballero, Cristian Bahrim
Effect of Adverse Childhood Experiences On Adult Desire to Parent PDF
Sarah Jasmine Bailey
These Children Are In Your Classroom: How Teachers Can Integrate Social-Emotional Learning to Support Children who have Adverse Childhood Experiences PDF
Danielle O'Reilly
Validating Laser Doppler Flowmetry for In Vivo Longitudinal Measurements of Bone Blood Perfusion PDF
Elizabeth Easter
Explorations of Finger Games PDF
Daniel J. Tjie
Effect of Parenting Styles on Childhood Obesity in a Low Income Household PDF
Vania Emmela
Elbridge Gerry: Behind the Compromise of the Constitution PDF
Rebecca Cote
Young Adult Faith Leaders' Approach to the Evolution and Faith Dialogue PDF
Bryson A. Menke, April Maskiewicz Cordero
Is Marijuana Use Linked to Your Genes? PDF
Zahra Ali, Carmen Roland
Breaking New Ground: A Deeper Look into Two of North Carolina’s Earliest Public Universities PDF
Kiara D Hines
The Development of Spatial Navigation Ability from Childhood to Adulthood PDF
Sanaya Irani, Qijing Yu, Dana Anderson, Lingfei Tang, David Chen
The Effects of Personality Types (Introversion-Extraversion) on Promoting Feminism on Social Media Platforms PDF
Jamie Ingrid Shum
Community Health Aid Efficacy: Informed Observations from Himalayan Communities in Northeastern India PDF
Joseph Thomas Millward
Optimized Gold Nanoparticle Aptamer-Based Sensor To Detect Boar Taint PDF
Nana Frimpong, Josh Callahan, Ranganathan Velu, Maria DeRosa
The Possible Effect of Cypsela Morphology on Endemism in Solidago shortii PDF
Evan Phillip Singleton
Optimal Path for Finding Randomly Distributed Targets PDF
Samuel Norman
Analysis of the Effect of Alkaline Hydrolysis Cremation on Minerals and Trace Metals in Bone PDF
Rebekah Quickel
A sharp upper bound on k-color connectivity PDF
Adam Jump
A Search For Trends In The Atmospheric Composition Of Exoplanets From Archived Spectral Data PDF
Troy Maloney
Reflection over Convention: How Language Encourages Change in Jane Austen’s Persuasion PDF
Mary Weir
A Lack of Social Media and Its Effect on Technological Development, Reception, and Use PDF
Meg Lybbert
Impact of Precision Metrology on the Evaluation of Advanced eGaN FET Power Converters PDF
Benjamin Kromann, Rushi Patel
Rising Food Prices: The Case of Childhood Poverty in a Developed Economy PDF
Megdalynn S Fisher
Investigation of Mechanical Property Sensitivity with Respect to Processing Temperatures for A2 Steel PDF
Martin Mekhail
p-n junction diodes fabricated using poly (3-hexylthiophene-2,5-dyil) thin films and nanofibers PDF
Shamir Maldonado-Rivera
Meskwaki Transitive Inanimate Present Indicative Inflection: A Teaching Methodology PDF
Pablo Eduardo Lopez Alonso
Modeling Nitrate Uptake in Freshwater Phytoplankton PDF
Karl Schuchard, Ursula Sicking, Stephanie Donaldson
Statistical Analysis of Reported Health Habits and Mental Health from the Bridge to Health Survey 2015: Northeastern Minnesota and Northwestern Wisconsin PDF
Torri Simon
Exploring the Relationship Amongst Sex, Personality Traits, and Cognitive Task Performance PDF
Heather Ann Kissel
Origin of the Invasive Boa Constrictor population in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands PDF
Israel Aaron Golden
Exploring the Relationship between Body Image and Alcohol Consumption among Sorority Members and Non-Members PDF
Antonia Caba
An Investigation of the Influence of Current Public Health Policies in the United States on the Prevalence of Rural Health Professional Shortage Areas PDF
Hayne Noh
Am I the Master of My Fate?: The Impact of Mortality Salience and Self-Efficacy on Leadership Perceptions PDF
Emilie Noah
Chewing Gum to Promote the Recovery of Gastrointestinal Motility After a Cesarean Section PDF
Selena Patrice LeGarde
Simulation and Cycle Analyses for high bypass turbofan engine – A Comparative study PDF
Christopher Douglas Roper, Alain Santos Santos, Adeel Khalid, Skyler Bagely
Big History: Latest Intellectual Fad or Toxic Neoliberalist Ideology? PDF
Elizabeth Lorraine Savant
Changes in Core Identity and Cultural Engagement after Expansion of Theological Understanding PDF
Jonathan Gregory Wynne, Zachary P. Badon
Comparison of Macroinvertebrate Colonization of Different Substrates in Artificial Substrate Basket Samplers to Determine Stream Quality PDF
Hannah-Beth Marie Griffis
Extending the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Questionnaire to the Bethel College Campus for Assessment of Mental Health and Mental Health Stigma PDF
Lila Elizabeth Tibbets
Victims or Victimizers: An Analysis of American Media Perception of Juvenile Delinquency PDF
Lucia Caroline Rose, Hayley Carlisle, Jonathan Ellis
Isolation of potential novel endospore-containing bacteria from Canada goose feces PDF
Haley Keillor, Molly Svendsen
Alienation and Abominations: Terror and Horror in Classic Gothic Novels and My Own Writing PDF
Shae Ramsey
Angel N. Chukwu
Reptile and Amphibian Monitoring at Sandy Bottom Preserve PDF
Madeline Grace McLeod
The Outsider: Alan Mulally's Leadership at Ford Motor Company PDF
Drew Larabee
Beyond Say: Water, Spirituality, and the Womanist Autoethnography in Beyonce’s Lemonade PDF
Aquila Campbell
English as a Second Language Teachers’ Perceptions of Their Ability to Teach Refugee Students in Shelby County Schools PDF
Allison Rogers Haynes
Which Rights are Right: Understanding Constitutional Rights through Analysis of Obergefell’s Right to Marry PDF
Mason Malone
Assessing Fear Responses with Event-Related Potential and Reaction Time in a Go-NoGo Task PDF
Taylor Simmons, Brianna Newport
In the Beginning: Mayan Ceramics and Comparative Religion PDF
Laurel Michelle Diciuccio
Health of Women and Families in Samburu, Kenya: Chief Concerns and Treatments PDF
Sara Marie Hines
Reactions to Behaviors: The Role of Education on People’s Perceptions of Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors PDF
Katrina Scarimbolo
The Risky Allele: Association Between a Serotonin Transporter Polymorphism, Novelty Seeking, Alcohol Use, And Drunk Driving in College Students. PDF
Carmen Roland, Zahra Ali
Message Matters: How Kellyanne Conway Redirected the Focus of Donald Trump's Twitter Account PDF
Molly Grant
Infection Prevalence of Borrelia burgdorferi in Adult Blacklegged Ticks (Ixodes scapularis) from Pittsburgh Regional City Parks PDF
Tashi Bharathan, Shannon Tepe
Classification of Normal and Lesional Colon Tissue Using Fluorescence Excitation-Scanning Hyperspectral Imaging as A Method for Early Diagnosis of Colon Cancer PDF
Malvika Lall, Joshua Deal, Shante Hill, Paul Rider, Carole Boudreaux, Thomas Rich, Silas Leavesley
Sexual Assault Victimization among Varied Personality Traits PDF
Nick Vanderhooof
An Examination of the Factors that Contribute to the Formation of Exclaves PDF
Justin Henry Franco
Adolescence in the Church: Perspectives from College Students and Adults on Mentorship and Spiritual Formation in the Church PDF
Savannah Spicer
Effect of Hibernation on the Enteric Nervous System of Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel Colon PDF
Kathryn Ann Thompson
The Mummy Portrait of Sarapon from Fayum PDF
Madeline Beck
Correlation between pre-copulatory and cryptic male choice in the red flour beetle PDF
Joi Janel'e Wright, Aditi Pai
Investigating the Microbiome of the Eastern Oyster (Crassostrea virginica) along a Latitudinal Gradient. PDF
Dupah Gobin
Investigation of Modulus of Elasticity and Surface Electrical Resistivity in High Performance Concrete Using Natural Zeolite PDF
Nidhi Modha
Experiences of Hispanic Women Navigating the Healthcare System in Rural South Carolina PDF
Krista Anne Parenti
Aaron Louis Garofalo, Brian Neumeyer, Matthew Bloom, Matthew Michalewicz, Steven Stewart
Gender Inequality and Economic Growth PDF
Taylor M. M. Goodwin, Jason Hall, Celeste Raymond
Horizontal Violence Among Nursing Students in the Clinical Setting PDF
Caitlin Barber, Ryan Dague, Tatum McLaughlin, Emily Mullen, Julia Scott
Influences of Mindfulness on African American Stress Levels and Academic Success PDF
Leah Clark
Can females manipulate post-copulatory egg production in the red flour beetles? PDF
Cristha Marie Edwards
No Homo, Bro: Sexuality And Its Perception in the High School Environment PDF
Jacob Cole
Disease Prevention Practices in Adolescent Females: A Microscopic Analysis of Water Quality, Sanitation Methods, and Perception of Vector-Borne Illnesses in a Rural Region of the Dominican Republic PDF
Sneha Krish
From the Pyramids to the Present: The Relationship Between the Enhancement of Facial Features by Cosmetics and a Woman’s Increased “Halo Effect” and Perceived Reproductive Status PDF
Vibha Shekhar
African Spirituality and the Slave Experience in Pre-Antebellum America PDF
Chris Newman
Determination of Biomarkers for Autoimmune Diseases In DNA Replication and Repair and Galectin-3 Enzymes. PDF
Elena Hunsanger
Drink Up: A closer look at cognitive factors and their relationship with habit and behavior change in the context of drinking water for improved health in emerging adults. PDF
Olivia Marie Godfrey
The Significance of Story PDF
Megan LaFond, Kathryn Kell, Mallory Spangler
Sexual Violence and Collegiate Athletes PDF
Samantha Reilly
People, Wildlife and Conservation in Samburu County, Kenya PDF
Ashley Nicole Foster
Unusual Alcohol Consumption Methods and Risky Drinking PDF
Laura Roberts
Parallels Amidst Chaos: Consumer Choice after Brexit and the US Presidential Election PDF
Madalyn Lynch, Anya Vindla
Optimal Scheduling for CK Advertisements on TV Programs PDF
Tykeena Watson, Jingxuan Bao, Sharee Brewer
India Through the British Lens: British Perceptions of India in the Nineteenth Century PDF
Megan Owens