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2016 3D Scanning and Modeling Abstract   PDF
Kevin Fuentes, Kyron Donaldson
2016 A B-1 Cell Immunization-Based Strategy to Prevent Atherogenesis Abstract   PDF
Karina Payerhin
2016 A Case Study in Autonomous Robot Design Abstract   PDF
Jeffery Hay, Ross Heninger, Stephen Moyer, Casey Murphey, Christian Newhan, Fiona Popp, Corey Pullium, Kyle Ward
2016 A Comparative Review on the Three Variants of Burkitt Lymphoma Abstract   PDF
Gina Castellano, Addison Marcus
2016 A Cross-Correlation-Based Stock Forecasting Model Abstract   PDF
Sungil Kim
2016 A Fascination with the Unknown: The Work of Albert Eckhout and Frans Post in Dutch Colonial Brazil Abstract   PDF   PDF
Hannah Wiepke
2016 A Government in Transition: Raúl Alfonsín and Argentina’s Return to Democracy Abstract   PDF
Gabrielle Esparza
2016 A Mathematical Model For Light and Nutrient Modulated Growth of Phytoplankton Species Under the Influence of Benthic Grazing and Nutrient Forcing Abstract   PDF
Daniel Robert William Bielich
2016 A Predator-Prey Food-web Model in A Lake Abstract   PDF
Sharee Brewer
2016 A Second Coming? Religious Rhetoric in Times of Existential Threat Abstract   PDF
Meredith Hiles
2016 A Software System for Multi-Hazard Assessment of Vulnerability, Risks and Potential for Economic Loss due to Weather and Climate Variability Abstract   PDF
William Clark
2016 A Survey Of Prevalence Of Helicobacter pylori Within Vietnamese Community Through The Vietnam Health Clinic Abstract   PDF
Ky Viet Ngo, Lisa Chang Ngo, Yogavedya Mukkamala, Jacky Vinh Tran, Andrew Robert Wilmington
2016 Addiction Through Three Different Perspectives Abstract   PDF
Jhoan Esteban Osorno, Carli Varmette, Kathryn Wells
2016 Albatross: A 2D Action Adventure Role Play Game with a Twist Abstract   PDF
Tyler Daine Strickland
2016 Analytical Delay and Variations Modeling in the Subthreshold Region Abstract   PDF
Sungil Kim
2016 Analyzing the Relationship Between Bog Turtle (Glyptemys muhlenbergii) Distribution, Soil and Hydrologic Conditions in Western North Carolina Abstract   PDF
Sydney Anderson
2016 Artemisia Gentileschi: Judith Reimagined Abstract   PDF
Hannah Criswell
2016 As Memory Fades into History in Rural Guatemala: Creating Space for Reconciliation and Peace Among Ex-Combatants Abstract   PDF
Paige Alexandra Myers
2016 Asexuality: A Study on Knowledge and Perceptions Abstract   PDF
Aidan Carey, Alexis Austin, Kristen Metcalf, Taylor Wootten
2016 Asheville Salsa: An Ethnography of Social Order in Dance Abstract   PDF
Alexandra Griffin
2016 Assessing the Efficacy of Sexual Health Education in East Africa Abstract   PDF
Candice Bangham
2016 Assessing the Status of Housing Conditions for Workers of Farms in Liwa within the United Arab Emirates Abstract   PDF
Fatima Marzouq AlMehairbi
2016 Assessing the Use of Food Waste Biochar as a Biodynamic Plant Fertilizer Abstract   PDF
Rachel Mazac
2016 Assessing Theory X and Theory Y Assumptions in the Classroom: Are Student Objectives Aligned with Instructors’ Expectations? Abstract   PDF
Nora Johnson
Heidi Zambrano
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