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Calling out Our "Aesthetic Hearts": Narratorial Interjections in Tillie Olsen's Yonnondio: From the Thirties PDF
Alexandra G Helms
The Falklands Factor: A Popular War PDF
Patrick Isacks
Constructing the Imaginative Bridge: Third-Generation Holocaust Narratives PDF
Megan Reynolds
Population Growth and Open Space Protection in Western North Carolina PDF
Kimberly Rhodes
Distant Yet Linked: Norway and the Syrian Civil War PDF
Gray Barrett
Determinants of G alpha 12 specific interaction in the RhoGEF AKAP-Lbc PDF
Autumn Towne
Feeding Ecology Helps Predict Patterns in Avian Winter Range Shifts PDF
Casey Jane Ambrose
Rate Determination of 1,1-HCl vs. 1,2-DCl Elimination from CD3CD2CHCl2 PDF
Allie Larkin
Comparing Photographic and GIS-based Applications for Estimating Canopy Cover in Southern Appalachian Bogs PDF
Karen Ann Landert
Synthesis and Evaluation of Modifications to the 6,7,6-fused Ring Depsidone Core PDF
John Treadwell Terrell
Synthesis of the Azabicyclo[3.1.0]hexane Ring Core of Ficellomycin PDF
Michael Alan McMechen
Politics and Funding Higher Education PDF
Amanda Newton
Characterizing Gα12 and p114RhoGEF’s specific interaction through site-directed mutagenesis PDF
Ricardo Garcia
Community Engagement in Place-Based Social and Economic Development: A Case Study of The Wild Ramp Local Food Market PDF
Hannah James
Habitat Use of Northern Pygmy Salamander (Desmognathus organi) and Southern Pygmy Salamander (D. wrighti) in North Carolina PDF
Ivy Haas
Habitats of Puttyroot (Aplectrum hyemale) and Cranefly (Tipularia discolor) Orchids: A Comparison of Two Wintergreen Species in Western North Carolina PDF
Tyler Clabby
Co-culture Screens for the Isolation of Antibiotics from Sarracenia Pitcher Plant Bacteria PDF
Jackson Tweed
Constraints on the Quaternary fault offset history along the Benton Springs right-lateral strike-slip fault, West-Central Nevada PDF
Timothy John Daniel
Extraction of Antibacterial Compounds Produced by Pseudomonas and Serratia Species, and Induction of Antibiotic Production by Bacterial Competition PDF
Kayla Blair
Isolation and Characterization of Natural, Antibiotic-Producing Bacteria in Pure- and Co-Culture PDF
Catherine Ann Darcey
Urban Renewal, Gentrification and Food Insecurity in Asheville’s Southside Neighborhood PDF
Erin Daniell
Watershed Impairment in Buncombe County, North Carolina: Impervious Groundcover Relations to Stream Degradation PDF
Samantha Lynae Rames
Synthetic Approaches towards Azabicyclic Compounds PDF
Emily Lanier
Comparative Interaction of Cadherin Cell Adhesion Proteins with Guanine Nucleotide-Binding Proteins Ga12 and Ga13 PDF
Jonathan Sims
Team Development of Model View Controller Software in the Unity 3D Engine PDF
Nicholas Blum
Comparing Greenhouse Gases from Composting and Landfilling PDF
Brittany Deesing
Periodic DFT Calculations for the Investigation of Carbon-Carbon Bond Cleavage Reactions of Ethene, Ethenol, Propene, and Propenol Over Rh(211) Stepped Versus Rh(111) Planar Lattice Structures PDF
Bethany Therese Cook
Gα13 overexpression induces serum response element genes: membrane delocalization and activation state PDF
Gray Robinson McDiarmid
A Fascination with the Unknown: The Work of Albert Eckhout and Frans Post in Dutch Colonial Brazil PDF PDF
Hannah Wiepke
The Use of Song in Social Movements: Where Are Songs for the Environment? PDF
Lance Mills
Artemisia Gentileschi: Judith Reimagined PDF
Hannah Criswell
Cognitive training may indicate evidence of training effect but does not show transfer to working memory, cognitive flexibility, or fluid intelligence in college students PDF
Elliot Nauert
Waiting for Baby: A Study on Women’s Perceptions Of Due Dates and Stress PDF
Beth Lemmel
Food Industry Influence on Dietary Advice in the United States PDF () PDF
Aaron Stern
Electronic Bill (eBill) Collector with Single Sign-On PDF
Konstantin Kazantsev
Towards an Analysis of the Liquid-Water Fraction for Orographic Precipitation PDF
William Massey Bartolini
Photodegradation of Atrazine: A Comparison of Anatase and Brookite Phases of Titanium Dioxide PDF
Leslie Sigmon
Oophilia amblystomatis Colonization of Embryonic Ambystoma maculatum: Maintaining Polymorphism PDF ()
Chelsea Brown
In The Game: Female Athletes Battle With Sexism PDF ()
Merecedes Bentley
Asheville Salsa: An Ethnography of Social Order in Dance PDF
Alexandra Griffin
Eris Dardha
The Divided Consciousness: Chinese Immigrant Women in San Francisco 1860-1920 PDF
McKenzie Whalen
Islamic and Christian Spheres: Interaction and Exchange of Religious Orders through Architecture PDF
Erin Dalton
Socio-Political Climate and the Evolution of Techniques in War Photography: An Exploration of the Validity of Photographic Reproductions as Reliable Historic Documents PDF
Dorothe Santistevan
Availability of Evidence-Based Treatments for PTSD in Civilian Institutional and Private Practice Settings: A Case Study in Asheville, NC PDF
Cheyenne Quindara, Hannah Brown
MANTRA Autonomous Agricultural Services Vehicle PDF
Sean Finnigan
The Way She Spends Her Money: Why Women Make Good Microfinance Borrowers in Latin America PDF
Jane Haines
Astragalomancy in Etruria: An Analysis of the Astragali at Cetamura del Chianti PDF
Patrick Lebo
Network Centrality, Perfectionism and Eating Disorders Among Nutrition Majors PDF
Madeline Jane McDonough
Controls for and Exoskeletal Hip Actuator PDF
William Mark Watson, Michael Regis Kushnak
Sargon of Akkad: The Father of Empire Building PDF
James Patrick Gregory
Teacher Speech: Pickering in the Courts PDF
Samantha Cripe
Sexual Orientation Based Wage Discrimination in the Utah Labor Market PDF
Michael Scott Rodgers
Progress Towards a Norcantharidin-based Scaffold for Inhibition of the Protein Phosphatase 5C (PP5C) Enzyme PDF
Madison R. Tuttle, Edward A. Salter, Andrzej Wierzbicki, Richard E. Honkanen, Larry Yet
How your phone recognizes your home: An investigation of mobile object recognition PDF
Thanh Minh Vu
Screening environmental bacteria for naturally occurring antibiosis: identifying producers and their compounds PDF
Julie Bruening
Glowing Pockets: Modeling Illicit Nuclear and Radiological Trafficking Networks in the Former Soviet Union PDF
Hugh Bradshaw
Counterterrorism or Vigilantism? The Cyber War Between ISIS and Anonymous PDF
Amy Thomas
Exploring the Link between Blacking out and Sexual Assault via a Social Network Analysis PDF
Dana Nocera
Hickory Creek Orchard Feasibility Study PDF
Richard Brad Henley
Matthew Miller
“Egg Full of Words”: Language & Power in Atwood’s Oryx and Crake PDF
Barbara Leigh Byrd
D-limonene Increases Efficacy of Rifampicin as an Inhibitor of In Vitro Growth of Opportunistic Staphylococcus epidermidis RP62A PDF
Natcha Rummaneethorn, Charlene Caoili
The Role of Mapping in the Formation of South America’s Political Boundaries and Territorial Disputes PDF
Justin Henry Franco
Welcome to the Arena: Deconstructing the Female Character in Dystopian Literature PDF
Keshia McClantoc
Bone Cracking in Low Humidity/High Temperature Environment PDF
Lauren Gray Stogner
A Cross-Correlation-Based Stock Forecasting Model PDF
Sungil Kim
Depression in Low-Income Adolescents: Guidelines for School-Based Depression Intervention Programs PDF
Gopika Hari
Haoran Yu
Vibration Serviceability of Monumental Stairs PDF
Amber Jurgensen
Men’s Behavior towards Women as a Function of Women’s Costume Attire (Cosplay): An Experimental Investigation of Speed Dating at a Popular Culture Convention PDF
Yo-Fan Rachel Callewaert, Sylvia Beyer
3D Scanning and Modeling PDF
Kevin Fuentes, Kyron Donaldson
Asexuality: A Study on Knowledge and Perceptions PDF
Aidan Carey, Alexis Austin, Kristen Metcalf, Taylor Wootten
Field Investigation of Biodiesel Fuel Particulate and Moisture Content PDF () PDF
Briana Geary
A Comparative Review on the Three Variants of Burkitt Lymphoma PDF
Gina Castellano, Addison Marcus
The Impact of Demographic Variables on the Acquisition of HIV and Sexually Transmitted Diseases PDF
Sierra Raven Small
“The Folly… Of Silly Women”: Women And The Development Of Modern Medicine In America During The Civil War PDF
Sarah Gaylen Chamness
A Predator-Prey Food-web Model in A Lake PDF
Sharee Brewer
The Influence of Flow Behavior on the Efficiency of a Passive Thermosiphon PDF
Ian Bashor, Elizabeth Gifford
“Yet, to their senses, are women made slaves”: The Embodied Politics of Slavery in The History of Mary Prince (1831) PDF
Laura Kaye Allard
“...Our Business Is Not To Look Back But To Look Ahead.” The Bengal Famine of 1943 PDF
Allie Jacobius
Comparative Analysis of Behavioral Engagement and Transferable Skills in Conventional and Montessori Schools. PDF
Iwona Franczak
Tracking drinks and diets: An examination of the co-occurrence of alcohol, drunkorexia, and fitness trackers among college students PDF
Jennifer Ann Kelleher
WWJD: Who Would Jesus Date PDF
John Unzueta
Safe Sex: A Study of the Influences on Safe Sexual Decision Making PDF
Danielle N Horne
The Interactive Influence of Psychological-Needs Fulfillment and Agreeableness in Problem Solving PDF
Je Hee Chun
Heidi Zambrano
Analytical Delay and Variations Modeling in the Subthreshold Region PDF
Sungil Kim
Effect of Starting Location on Clusters Formed by Diffusion-Limited Aggregation PDF
Louise Coltharp
Stephen Crane’s Maggie: A Girl of the Streets: A Socio-Philosophical Examination into Individual and Cultural Responsibility PDF
Conner Robert Hayes
Connotation & Rhetoric: The Semantics of Suspicion in the Writings of Desmoulins PDF
Ivy Taylor Gilbert
Compared Analysis of Muscle Activation during Piston Resistance Training and Free-Weight Training PDF
Nicole Hernandez
The Changing Dynamics of Rebel Relations PDF
Josephine Lippincott
The Physiological Effects of Appraisal of a Challenge or Threat State on Collegiate Athletes' Performance PDF
Alicia Nuzzo, Sandra K. Webster
Bacterial Degradation of Low Molecular Weight Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons; naphthalene, 1-methylnapthalene, and 2-methylnapthalene by Mycobacterium PDF PDF ()
Alyssa Anne Valentyne
Student Mental Health Concerns and Community Response at a Mid-Size Private University PDF
Mary-Margaret Koch
Reactance Towards Automated Technology of the 21st Century PDF
Sean Michael Noble
Creation of a Calibration Set for Natural Product Virtual Target Screening PDF
Jacob Wilson
Design and Development of a Low Cost, Light Weight, Hydraulic Manipulator for Mounting on a Wheelchair PDF
Ezra H Fritz
Mineralogical Studies on Medium to High grade Metasedimentary rocks from Mount Mitchell State Park, NC, USA PDF
Alyssa Coburn
Crossing Waveguides in Silicon-Based Optical Devices PDF
Jimmy Yin
Gender Inequality in STEM Academia: An Investigation of Factors that Influence the Decision to Remain in the Pipeline PDF
Tasha Eisenhower
Children on the homefront: The effects of deployment on military children PDF
Jennifer Miller
Monte Carlo simulation of Fluoroquinolone treatment for urinary tract infection caused by Escherichia coli: Analysis of Canadian versus U.S isolates PDF
Ahmed Noreddin
Surveillance and Classification of Information in the Marvel Cinematic Universe PDF
Evelyn Lumish
Defending Against Cyber Espionage: The US Office of Personnel Management Hack as a Case Study in Information Assurance PDF
Sarah Harvey, Diana Evans
Using MapReduce to Detect Anomalies in the Real-Time Smart Grid PDF
Colin Hwang, Dylan Chamberlen, Michael Parros, John Russell, Jeremy Spruce, Aaron St. Leger, Suzanne J Matthews
Characterization of Single-Mode Vertical Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers PDF
Jonathan Burton Dencker
Assessing the Use of Food Waste Biochar as a Biodynamic Plant Fertilizer PDF
Rachel Mazac
Assessing the Status of Housing Conditions for Workers of Farms in Liwa within the United Arab Emirates PDF
Fatima Marzouq AlMehairbi
Hyaluronan-based Sustained Delivery of the Antibiotic Besifloxacin to the Eye PDF
Shirley Luo
Offense plus Defense Equals Evolution: How did the National Basketball Association evolve into a cultural and economic icon from 1970-2000 PDF
Cameron Black
As Memory Fades into History in Rural Guatemala: Creating Space for Reconciliation and Peace Among Ex-Combatants PDF
Paige Alexandra Myers
Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Variables Affecting Academic Performance in College Students PDF
Brianna Newport
Road Through a Home A History of the Bush River Quaker Settlement in Colonial South Carolina PDF
Teanu Reid
Care, Hostility, and Immigration: A Caring Approach to U.S.-Mexico Border Policy PDF
Matthew Ryan Trevino
Bring Chipotle to Carrollton PDF
Matthew Hukin, Deia Dennis, MaryLeith Turner, Beheruz Sethna
The Impact of Altered Visual Input and Auditory Stimulations on Balance and Postural Stability PDF
Nathan Norris
The Correlation Between Heart Rate Variability and Diet PDF
Olivia Murray
Hearing Daisy’s Voice in Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby: A Powerful “Beautiful Little Fool” PDF
Kendall Kartaly
Immigration: Why it Matters and What Needs to Change? PDF
Emily Elizabeth Turner
Effect Of Salinity On Embryonic Axolotl Development PDF
Kristen Alyssa Meiler
Home, Sweet Nest Box: A Comparison of Detection Methods for the Southern Flying Squirrel (Glaucomys volans) in Ozaukee and Washington Counties, WI PDF
Amanda Holly Keyes
Delivering Effective Aid to Fragile States PDF
Samantha Fitzgerald
Looking for Right Now: A Rhetorical Analysis on Gay Men’s Diction Relative to Grindr PDF
Sawyer Henderson
Tolkien's Linguistics: The Artificial Languages of Quenya and Sindarin PDF
Laura Coker
A B-1 Cell Immunization-Based Strategy to Prevent Atherogenesis PDF
Karina Payerhin
“Among Mankind’s Deepest Needs”: Repetitive Grief and Intimate Isolation in Milan Kundera’s 'The Unbearable Lightness of Being' and Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s 'One Hundred Years of Solitude' PDF
Emily A Bonner
Characterization and Interactions of Soil Microbial Communities in Five Physiographic Regions and the Rhizosphere of Common Weeds PDF
Kelsey Brown, Franklin Irvin, Julia Stevens
How Sherlock Can Be a Barista, and Still Be Sherlock: A Study in Fan Fiction PDF
Irene Howard
Phenstatin analogues with non-aromatic attachments in place of the B-ring PDF
Amanda Oswald
Rank of Recurrence Matrices PDF
Roman David Morales
Surface Enhancement in Ferroelectric Lithographic Silver Nanowires PDF
Dylan Matthew Cromer
The Evolution of Protections Against Domestic and Family Violence PDF
Nicole Mary Ang
Unlocking the Decision-Making Process: An Analysis of U.S. Counter-narcotic Policy Making towards Mexico and Colombia PDF
Susana Dominguez
Exploring the Oriented Graceful Labeling Conjecture on Lobster Trees PDF
Timothy Nosco, Lisa Jones, Jakub Smola, Jessie Lass, Jocelyn Bell, William Pulleyblank, Suzanne J Matthews, Christopher Okasaki
The Response of Corporate Bond Yields to Quantitative Easing: Implications of the Default Risk and Liquidity Channels in the United States PDF
Ethan Barteck
Utilizing ERP System in Higher Education: A Case of a HEI in the UAE PDF
Maitha Khalifa Alshaer
Neurocognitive Testing for Identifying Treatment Biomarkers in Adolescents with Major Depressive Disorde PDF
Sekine Ozturk
Early Season to End-of-Season Comparisons of Cognitive Performance in College Football Players PDF
Azucena Gonzalez
On the Relativistic Motion of Projectiles: On Range and Vertical Height PDF
Thomas Richard Giffune
The Influence of Atmospheric Rivers on Extreme Precipitation Events Observed in the Southern Appalachians PDF
Lukas Stewart
I’ve Heard It Both Ways: Bilingualism and Perspective Taking PDF
Carina Rodelo
Efficiency and Effectiveness of a Low-Cost, Self-Cleaning Microplastic Filtering System for Wastewater Treatment Plants PDF
Alec Beljanski
The Embody Study PDF
Hannah Pearl Kostoff
Physiological Measures and Genetic Predictors of Empathy PDF
Chase Travis Brower, Eryberto Martinez, Micah Wolfe, Kaleb Shumway, Parker Hughes, Eric Trost
Madame de Pompadour and the Sèvres Porcelain Factory: Cultivating a French Artistic Identity and Clientele PDF
Rebecca Gail Leonard
Effects of Vespa Amino Acid Mixture on Exercise and Cellular Metabolism in Honey Bees PDF
Attia Mohamed
Exploration of Additive Manufacturing-Informed Aneurysm Repairs to Optimize Blood Flow Patterns PDF
Alyssa Ann Loepfe
For Colored’s Only: An Analysis of Institutional Safe Spaces PDF
Maya Victoria Newlin
A Second Coming? Religious Rhetoric in Times of Existential Threat PDF
Meredith Hiles
The Causes and Consequences of Jordanians’ Hesitancy to Protest PDF
Jamie Love
Syntheses and Characterizations of New Cyano-substituted Pyrazoles PDF
Arielle S. Pompilius, Kelechi Akwataghibe, Everett Shelly, Ningfeng Zhao
Let's Read Together: Reading Motivation and Engagement in Elementary Students PDF
Jennifer Doering
Rapid Prototyping of Metalenses using a Focused Beam PDF
Michael Shares
ClearBlue: The 3D Printed Portable Water Filter PDF
Manisha Sanjay Patel
Visual Assessment of Cullowhee and Richland Creek to Assess Habitat Quality PDF
Wayne Carlos Ryan
Exploring the technical feasibility of the combustion of dissolved polystyrene waste in biodiesel PDF
Kristina Celeste Fong
Does History Repeat Itself? Comparing 19th Century and Contemporary American Attitudes towards Immigrants PDF ()
Briana Nicole Ferguson
Magic and Medicine in a Man’s World: The Medieval Woman as both Healer and Witch PDF
Abigail I Casey
The Idea of Merlin: Artistic Depictions of Merlin and their Inspirations PDF
Marina Gayle Painter
Behind the Feminine Façade: Reinterpreting Berthe Morisot PDF
Allison Smith
New Chemistry: Solutions for the 21st Century PDF
Tammy Hawley
Health Hot-spotting: Utilizing Novel Alternative Intervention and Data to Create Better Outcomes for Super-Utilizers and Underserved Populations PDF
Tammy Hawley
The Intended and Unintended Side Effects of the Millennium Development Goals PDF ()
Paola Andrea Salas Paredes
Assessing the Efficacy of Sexual Health Education in East Africa PDF
Candice Bangham
Characteristics of P3HT Modified with Lithium Aluminum Hydride PDF
Manuel Alexander Mangual, Ezio Fasoli, Josee Vedrine-Pauleus
Analyzing the Relationship Between Bog Turtle (Glyptemys muhlenbergii) Distribution, Soil and Hydrologic Conditions in Western North Carolina PDF
Sydney Anderson
Effects of Gambling Frequency and Perceived Risk or Benefit of Gambling on Undergraduate Students’ Evaluations of Gamblers PDF
Alexis Pitzer
Walking Railroads: A Biracial Narrative PDF
Briana Jacques McDade
Growing Food Where People Live Applying Lessons and Methodologies from Endogenous Development and Agroecology Efforts to Low-Income Communities in the Southeast U.S. PDF
Dylan Ryals-Hamilton
Synthesis of a Novel Combretastatin A4 Analog with a 5,6,7-Trimethoxy Indole Substituted at the 3-Position PDF
Teresa Rocha
What do UNC Asheville Alumni Think About Their Undergraduate Research Experiences? PDF
Emily Petra Diaz-Loar
Electrochemical Evaluation of Non-precious Metal Catalysts for Fuel Cell Applications PDF
Samantha Medina, Gabriel Goenaga, Nelly Cantillo, Asa Roy, Thomas Zawodzinski
Using alamarBlue® Cell Viability Assay to Screen for Putative Antimicrobial Products PDF
You Bin Lee
Geochemistry of Seine River metaconglomerates from Mine Centre, Ontario: interpreting fluid flow and volume changes during deformation with implications for strain analysis PDF
Detaya Johnson
Rejecting Fallibilism Untitled
Nichole Suomi Smith
Addiction Through Three Different Perspectives PDF
Jhoan Esteban Osorno, Carli Varmette, Kathryn Wells
Political Corruption and Fractionalization in the United States: Federal Convictions, Public Perceptions, and Societal Diversity PDF
Kenneth Robert White
Experimental Determination of Uniform Heating in the Selective Laser Sintering Part Bed PDF
Becca Statum
A Government in Transition: Raúl Alfonsín and Argentina’s Return to Democracy PDF
Gabrielle Esparza
Implementing Power Optimization Methodologies to Improve Energy Efficiency of Multi-Core Processors PDF
Mohamed Azard Rilvan, Shervin Hajiamini, Lauren Hiland
Evaluating Coworkers: Effects of Coworkers’ Age and Willingness to Adapt to Technology in the Workplace PDF
Theresa Katherine Mokrzan
Use of Photogrammetry to Assess the Condition of Structural Concrete PDF
Sabrina Ballard
Effect of High Surface Area Carbon Addition on the Performance of a Non-Precious Metal Catalyst in a PEM Fuel Cell PDF
Christopher Andrew Neal
Comparative Analysis of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles in Anatase vs. Rutile Crystal Phases for the Purpose of Water Treatment PDF
Jeannette Isabella Calvin
Physiological and Psychological Effects of Music PDF ()
Sarah Ann Stevenson
Nitrification Processes and Conversion Kinetics for an Aquatic Model System PDF
Julia Zimmer, Katherine Halmo
Comparison of Parametric and Nonparametric Tests for Differences in Distribution PDF PDF ()
Davis Jett, Jessica L Speer
A Survey Of Prevalence Of Helicobacter pylori Within Vietnamese Community Through The Vietnam Health Clinic PDF
Ky Viet Ngo, Lisa Chang Ngo, Yogavedya Mukkamala, Jacky Vinh Tran, Andrew Robert Wilmington
Tinder: Communicating Desirability Online PDF
Katherine Caron Hickert
Isomerization of Vicinal Dibromides in Conformationally Rigid Cyclohexane Systems PDF
Ryan Acocella
A Mathematical Model For Light and Nutrient Modulated Growth of Phytoplankton Species Under the Influence of Benthic Grazing and Nutrient Forcing PDF
Daniel Robert William Bielich
Early Affliction and Later Addiction: Is Childhood Maltreatment and Adult Insecure Attachment Style Related to Substance Use? PDF
James Emerson Lewis
Mental Illness and Danger: The Negative Implications of this Automatic Association PDF
Ashley Cheff
Danger: The Impact of One Word’s Definition on a Law PDF
Ashley Cheff
A Case Study in Autonomous Robot Design PDF
Jeffery Hay, Ross Heninger, Stephen Moyer, Casey Murphey, Christian Newhan, Fiona Popp, Corey Pullium, Kyle Ward
Yada Yada Yada: A Sociolinguistic and Rhetorical Analysis of Humor in Seinfeld PDF
Drew Roberson
Knowledge as Practice and the Search for Neighborhood-Based Solutions in the Buildings-Landscapes-Cultures Field School PDF
Esmé Hazel Barniskis
Combustion-Cylinder Optimization for an Active Ankle-Foot Orthosis PDF
Sarah M. Swanson
The Effects of Double Colonization in The Joys of Motherhood PDF
Della Grace Hethcox
The Representation of Prostitutes in Ancient Greek Vase-painting PDF
Madeline Beck
“Rosebud” and the “Glass Ball” Two Tricks to the Myth-Making of Citizen Kane PDF
Paula Damasceno de Oliveira
Development of Low-cost Hybrid Perovskite Solar Cells PDF
David Danilchuk, Baker Nour, Lila Dahal
The Good, The Bad, & The Unethical: The Ethics of Propaganda PDF
Marisa Eileen Fernandez
The Economics of Empire: Housing Size and Per-Capita Wealth in Asia Minor PDF () PDF
Jasper Fu
Survey of Hymenoptera Pollinator Populations on Washington Island, Wisconsin PDF () PDF
Kate Christine Markiewicz
The Role of Polar Auxin Transport in Moss Gametophytes PDF
Mason D Bader
Trust in Government: An Investigation PDF
Jordan Barth
Determining Whether Marriage Affects Women's Opportunities Later in Life: Peering into Retrospective Accounts of Middle Aged & Elderly Women PDF
Christie Lauer
The Impact of Image: The Iconographic Celebrity of the Musician PDF
Caroline Aylward
Validation of Radius Bone Model Using Finite Element Analysis Under Single Cycle Bending Load PDF
Tulsi Patel
Genetic Diversity and Population Structure in the Clonal Trillium recurvatum PDF
Kendall Major
The Perceptions of Race and Gender and its Effect on a Leader’s Favorability PDF
Sasha Pierre-Louis
Infrastructure Investment Inside And Outside Of The Eurozone PDF
Areta Jez
The Social Hell of William Blake: the Impact of the Industrial Revolution on Blake's Illustrations of Dante's Inferno PDF
Myat Thinzar Aung
Reverse That TIF: An Analysis of Alternative Tax Incremental Finance Measures in Wisconsin PDF
Rachel Lea Ramthun
The Uncanny Bedrooms of Dracula as Explored in Restored Victorian Homes PDF
Erica L Brusky
Mindfulness, Ambivalent Sexism and Women's Health Outcomes PDF
Keith Ryan Chichester
Elementary-Aged Melting Pot: Reflections on ESL Teachings A Western North Carolina Case Study PDF
Hannah Sasser
The effect of green tea (Camellia sinensis) on Pseudomonas aeruginosa treated contact lenses. PDF
Mariah Bigaud
Assessing Theory X and Theory Y Assumptions in the Classroom: Are Student Objectives Aligned with Instructors’ Expectations? PDF
Nora Johnson
Two Cans Short of Six-Pack Abs: the Influence of Goal-Orientation on Mood in the Achievement of Physical Activity Goals PDF
Jonathan Flinchum, Cienna Hopkins
Studying the Connection Between X-ray and UV Outflows in PG 1126-041 PDF
Zane Comden, Michael Gibbons, CM April, Margherita Giustini
Albatross: A 2D Action Adventure Role Play Game with a Twist PDF
Tyler Daine Strickland
Long-range liquid coarticulation in American English: a preliminary study PDF
Brianna Alys Maloney
Rain-on-Snow Project PDF
Brandon Morgan, Colin Huber, Keegan Pederson
Revolution, Redemption, and Romance: Reading Constructions of Filipino Spanish American Identities and Politics of Knowledge in Rizal’s Noli me Tangere and El Filibusterismo alongside Filipino American Fiction PDF
Steven Thomas Beardsley
Haoran Yu
Searching for a Connection Between Radio Emission and UV/optical Absorption in Quasars PDF
Sean Haas
A Software System for Multi-Hazard Assessment of Vulnerability, Risks and Potential for Economic Loss due to Weather and Climate Variability PDF
William Clark
Modeling the Neurological and Physiological Effects of Lactobacillus Rhamnosus on Adult Mice PDF
Zainab Suleiman
Reverse Tarot: A Representation of Extreme Negative Thinking PDF
Max Killion
Assistive Technology: Mobile App Designed to Prevent Pressure Ulcers PDF
Nam Phung