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Filamentation in protein repair-deficient Escherichia coli PDF
Christina Kadine Carstens
Using Experience Sampling Method (ESM) to Assess Cognitive and Affective Engagement of Youth Volunteers at a Children's Museum PDF
Marissa Louise Post
Adolescents' Access to Prescription Drugs for Non-medical Use PDF
Maggie Marie Prunty
Racial Temporality: Revealing the Collapse of the White Authority in The Sound and the Fury PDF
Min Hyun Oh
Haitian American College Students’ Motivations for Pursuing Postsecondary Education: The Role of Parents’ Low-Wage Occupations PDF
Ashley Brittany Metelus
Qualitative Evaluation of Pediatric Burn injury in Malawi: Assessing Opportunities for Injury Prevention PDF
Marissa Bane
Empowered People’s Aesthetic Preferences Driven by Motor Fluency PDF
Madalina Vlasceanu
Haste to No Waste: A Multi-Component Food Waste Study In a University Dining Facility PDF
Lynn Luecke
The Relationship between Blacking Out and Gulping Drinks for Female College Students PDF
Dana Marie Nocera
Different Drums, Same Groove: A Comparison in the development of Function and Approach between Bodhrán and Jazz Drum Set PDF
Tyler Dean Stark
Cyber Physical Smart Grid PDF
Daniel Hawbaker, Timothy Kazimer, Petar Repic, Ethan Gleue, Quintin Howard, Chadwick Cortes, Michael Finocchio
The Commercial and Cultrural Implications of Online Distribution PDF
Alexander Michael Jacobs
Hybrid Tactical Power Sytems PDF
Ted Mansfield, Harrison Place, Dylan Smith
Assessing the Andean Custodian Farmer movement to protect seed diversity through ex-situ conservation: moral, political, and economic conflicts in international agrobiodiversity conservation PDF
Natalie Moran Hoidal
Challenging the Feminine: Gender Tropes in Classical Painting PDF
Louise Thompson
Movement Patterns of Translocated Adult Sicklefin Redhorse (Moxostoma sp.) in the Oconaluftee River, North Carolina: Implications for Species Restoration PDF
Jessica Davis
Western Media Coverage of the Syrian Crisis: A Watershed for the CNN Effect PDF
Hanna Werman
An Analysis of Bullying and Suicide in the United States using a Non-Gaussian Multivariate Spatial Model PDF
Mary Margaret Ryan
Cultural Factors Associated with Utilization of Antenatal Care Services in Rural India: a Study of Predisposing Characteristics, Enabling Variables, and Perceived Need of Care PDF
Anjali Om
Baseball and the American Character: Exploring the Influence of the National Pastime on the Origins of the Contemporary American Identity PDF
Kenneth Robert White
Use of Portable Tuned Mass Dampers for Vibration Control of Pedestrian Bridges PDF
Emily Bell
A Novel Method of Analyzing Free Fatty Acid Content in Triacylglycerol Mixtures using 1H-NMR PDF
Brett Matthew, Breshears
On Winged Words: An examination of the use of language in The Iliad to create and access the poetic space PDF
Micole Elizabeth Gauvin
Perpetual Pursuit: Painting the Unattainable PDF
Kelly Olshan
Strengthen Elementary Students’ Understanding of Factors PDF
Jordan Frotz
Muon Radiography of the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania PDF
Varvara Budetti
Patterns of Urban Forest Composition in Utah’s Growing Mountain Communities PDF
Anne Thomas
Ethical Implications of Inconclusive Scientific Research on Schizophrenia PDF
Ashley Cheff
“Keep Them at Arm’s Length”: Relationships between Homosociality and Power in Anthills of the Savannah PDF PDF
Vincent Chien
Problematizing Histor and The Nation in Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children PDF
Arthur Moss-Hawkins
Official College and University Colors: Student Perception vs. Performance Realities PDF
Haley Kona Omasta
Tests of Short-Range Gravity with a Novel Parallel-Plate Torsion Pendulum PDF
Michael Powers Ross
Characteristic Curvature Evaluation of Anionic Surfactants for Enhanced Oil Recovery Applications PDF
Antonio Benedicto Mejia Jr.
Solicitation of Identity in Cien anos de soledad PDF
Marinda Jane Cauley
"Specks of Voiceless Dust": Midnight's Children and the Impact of the Bildungsroman on the National Narrative of Postmodern India PDF
Anne Gala
Complete Kinetic and Mechanistic Decomposition of Zinc Oxalate with Characterization of Intermediates and Final Oxide PDF
Nicholas D. Cooper
Investigations of Water Uptake on Sodium Acetate Trihydrate and Nonhydrate as Model Aerosol Surfaces using the DRIFTS and ATR-FTIR Techniques PDF
Gregory Matthew Pitch, John S Andre, Arion J Davie
Investigating Cardano’s Irreducible Case PDF
Alexander Charles Edwards, James Michael Beaver
Markov Chain-Based Modeling of Electric Vehicle Power Consumption PDF
Nicole Ga Yan Ng
Exploring"Experiences of First Semester Nursing Students: Journaling as a Means to Reduce Stress and Anxiety" PDF
Arielle Bass, Stacey RayAnne Bradford
The Common Law and the Enlightenment: The Origins of Liberal-Democratic Disourse in the Ancient Constitution PDF
Grant E Stanton
Communication Conflict in Crimea PDF
Alexandra Gegare Willi
Reconciling Change, Assimilation, and Tradition in Multicultural Literature PDF PDF ()
Lindsey C. Holt
Shakespeare’s Own Metamorphosis: From Hermetic Revenge to Ovidian Alternatives in The Winter’s Tale PDF
Lien Van Geel
Media Depictions of Violence during Mega-Events in Rio de Janeiro PDF
Rachael Raye Hilderbrand
A Methodology for Appropriate Testing When Data is Heterogeneous Using EXCEL PDF
Khanh Nguyen
Colonialism’s Role in the Success of the Filipino Skin Whitening Industry PDF
Francine Sabiniano Singson
A Systematic Review of the 21st Birthday and Alcohol Consumption Literature PDF
Christina Xidas
On Contrary in the Form of Contradictory—a Neo-Gricean Approach PDF
Kaiyuan Chen
The Analysis of Carbonate, Magnesium, and Copper by Three Separate Titrations: Weak Base, Metal-Ligand Complex, and Oxidation-Reduction Titrations PDF
Joseph D. Hantho
Seasonal and Diurnal Patterns of Temperature Inversion Formation and Breakup in a Topographically Complex Urban Environment. PDF
Michael A Allen
Honoring Cultural Sensibilities: Reworking Current Models of Public Health Education in Kerala, India PDF
Roshan S. Nair
Analysis of the Feeding and Exchange Currents Generated by the Cassiopea Jellyfish with Changing Bell-Diameters in the Absence of Background Flow PDF
Matt Takyi-Micah
Doulas as Change Agents: My Doula and Me Project PDF
Nicole Fazio
Investigating Future Physician Preparedness for Providing Humanistic Care to Dying Patients PDF
Katie Elizabeth Nelson
The Effects of Creatine Supplementation on Muscular Strength and Endurance in Mice PDF
David Howden, Craig Boekenoogen, Jared Wagoner, Shaina Miller, Bertha Mendez-Guajardo
Analysis of the Feeding and Exchange Currents Generated by the Cassiopea Jellyfish with Changing Bell-Diameters in the Absence of Background Flow PDF
Matt Takyi-Micah
Shaping Our World: Knowing How Best to Act PDF
Keagan Holt Potts
Joaquín Sorolla’s, Vision of Spain, As a Map of Regional Identity in Spain PDF
KoreyAnne Smith
Gender Disparities in the Tech Industry: The Effects of Gender and Stereotypicaility on Perceived Environmental Fit PDF
Sullivan Swift
Relationships Between Self-Reported Physical and Cognitive Function During Anastrozole Therapy PDF
Ceara Conley
Content-Form Trade-offs in the spontaneous stories told by children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Implications for Assessment and Instruction. PDF
Samantha DeLucchi
Pilot Limnological Studies on Church Farm Pond, a Small Man-Made Pond in Ashford, CT PDF
Monika Kalinowska
Molecular Analysis and Thermal Treatment of Several Phytophthora Species Causing Diseases of Ornamental Plants in California. PDF
Stacy Ditta, Adam Santiago
International Adoption: Parent Perspectives PDF
Samantha Hartman, Joy Elizabeth Hartman
Duration of stopover in relation to date of arrival in vagrant Western Kingbirds (Tyrannus verticalis) PDF
Lucinda Christine Zawadzki
Attitudes Towards Sexual Behaviors: Asexuals Versus Heterosexuals, Homosexuals, and Bisexuals PDF PDF ()
Amanda K. Dawson
Metabolic Rate of Honeybees at the Hive Entrance PDF
Martin E. Davis
Literary Fiction's Influence on Social Cognitive Brain Activity PDF
Olivia Grace Cadwell
The BRICS and the Global Human Rights Regime: Is an Alternative Norms Regime in Our Future? PDF
Lucas D. Rivers
Automatic Recognition of Postoperative Shoulder Surgery Physical Therapy Exercises from Depth Camera Images PDF
Sean MacAvaney
Development of a Mouse Model of Obesity via High Sucrose Consumption PDF
Jared Wagoner, Emma Felzien, Calvin Vetter, Ken Johnson, Alec Rodriguez
Chew on This: Self-Control, Eating, and Mindfulness PDF
Eric Scott Barreau
Improving the use of mental state verbs by children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in two narrative production tasks: Story retelling and spontaneous story generation PDF
Mary Ann Hammon, Madeline Williams, Sydney Sneddon, Brigid Crotty
Ocean Exploration In Film: Analyzing The Influence Of Well-Known Films On The American Audience’s Perception Of Undersea Exploration PDF
Tori Lusik
An Architecture For Intentional Agents With Reactive Behavior PDF
Alex Gain, Graham Haug
Video Game Addiction and Personality Traits PDF () PDF
Anwar Hadeed, Elizabeth Nielsen
Exploration of Stability Factors in Families After Participating in the Family Promise Programs PDF
Summer Wittmer, Kayla Hopper
Architecture for Plug-and-Play Modular Technology PDF
Michele Pancani
Music, Stress, and Resilience PDF
Margaret A Fraser
Techniques for Measuring Empathetic Responses in Pre-Healthcare Students vs. Non-Pre-Healthcare Students PDF
Chase Travis Brower
The Ideology of American Home Economists in China between the 1920s and the 1940s: Interactions between Orientalism and Ideals of Domestic Science PDF
Nancy Morgan Mason
Longevity of SYBR® Safe Signal in Agarose Gel Electrophoresis PDF
Michelle Sopetti, Lauren Hargrave
William Matthew Meredith
Bethsaida in the Gospels: A Dynamic Portrait PDF
Nancy Morgan Mason
Privacy, Technology, and Democracy PDF
Michelle Stout
Preliminary Analysis of Large, Web-Enabled, Dataset for Computing Education PDF
John Doorenbos
Rethinking Atticus Finch: A Paragon of Virtue or Just Another Politician? PDF
Michael Bavalsky
Progress toward the synthesis of N-Methyl Improgan PDF
Monika Siepsiak
Eating Outside the Lines: Exploring Bidirectional Cultural Adaptation through Immigrant Cuisine in France and the US PDF
Candace Evilsizor
Behavioral and Neurophysiological Examination of The C. elegans Neuromuscular Junction PDF
Parker H Stafford, Katrina B Mar, Samuel M Moss
Factors Affecting Dermacentor Tick Abundance at Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge PDF
Nicholas Andrew Loehlein
A Lexical Analysis of an Obscure Pharmaceutical Term from a Fifteenth Century Spanish Apothecaries' Manual: "Secaniabin" PDF
Clara Grace Miller-Broomfield
Psychology Knowledge Revision Campaign: Integrating Refutation-style Teaching Materials into a Classroom-based Research Project PDF
Molly Kolquist, Megan Vergin
World War II Propaganda and the "Ideal Citizen" PDF
Valerie Lynn Jacobson
A Study of Human Reaction to Building Vibrations Due to Occupants’ Movements PDF
Ava Mohebbi
Caregiver Burnout: The Impact Of Adult Day Programs On Caregivers PDF
Zhu Ran Zhang, Louise Joycey
Is Reduced Adiponectin mRNA Associated with Alterations in Transcription Factor ATF3 in Adipose Tissue of Nutritionally Programmed Microswine Offspring? PDF
Anh Ngo
Detection of Possible Pathogenicity of Antibiotic Resistant Escherichia coli Isolated from Urban Playa Lakes and the Feces of Canada Geese and Resident Waterfowl PDF
Logan Adams
The Effect of Urban Heat Islands and Traffic Wheel Pressure on the Performance of Asphalt Pavements PDF
Kaiqi Zhang
Characterizing Nanoparticle Dosimetry In Vitro PDF
Elizabeth Jaye Brown
Investigating Ultrasonicated Allotropes of Phosphorus PDF
Samuel Thomas Moran, Avinash Nayak, Mark Barron, Umair Khakoo, Deji Akinwande
Chagas' disease in Mexico: Factors, Surveillance, and Recommendations PDF
Snejana Odagiu, Jonathan D. Mayer
A Discussion about the Healthcare Costs and Insurance Purchase PDF
Xinhe He
Techniques to Enhance Security of an Authentication Protocol PDF
Michael Smith, Brandon Barker
Doctors and Diversity: Using Interfaith Literacy and Interfaith Dialogue to Improve Patient Care PDF
Leslie Bellwood
Synthesis and Isolation of 5,6,7-Trimethoxy Indoles for Binding Diverse Functional Groups at the 3-Position of the Indole to Make Novel Combretastatin Derivatives PDF
Teresa Rocha
“I only speak from hearsay”: Layered Narration and the Extension of the Brontë Myth in Wuthering Heights and Agnes Grey PDF
Kylie Dennis
Experimental Analysis of Supercoiling in Twisted Polymer Line PDF
Marlen Mahendraratnam, Allison Stiller, Stephen J Burns
Comparison Threat: Social Comparison and Working Memory Capacity PDF
Philip Edward Peper
Keratin Biomaterials Attenuate Hypoxia-Mediated Cell Toxicity PDF
Brianna Lund, Lindsey Burleson, Mariah James, Stephanie Burris, Patrick Link, Mary Brinkley
The Death of Semiology After Conceptual Art PDF
Rachel Winter
Demeaning and Use: a Pragmatic Account of Slurs as Instances of Social Deixis PDF
Jason Krivo Flores
Influence of Quality of Life and Reason for Non-disclosure on HIV Stress among Urban HIV-Infected African American Men PDF
Raven Shamone Wright
The Examination of Personality Traits in Relation to Alcohol Consumption Among College Students PDF
Victoria Xidas
Narratives of Vietnamese Polish People: Racialized Inflexibilities in Globalized Warsaw PDF PDF ()
Ewa Protasiuk
The Role of Community Health Workers in Delivering Interventions Targeting Depression for Priority Populations PDF
Julia Ward Bloomstine
The G.W. Bush War on Terror and Wilsonianism PDF
Oceane Imber
Knowledge and Skills of Elon Students Surrounding Sex Trafficking and Labor Exploitation Issues: Implications for Human Trafficking Education and Prevention Among College and University Students PDF
Georgia Ellan Lee
Frequency of Nurse-led Tobacco Cessation Interventions and Influencing Factors PDF
Dulce Viviana Mancine
The Framed Victim: Analyzing the Jennifer Laude Case in American and Filipino News Reports PDF
Adrian Ellis Jaranilla Alarilla
Expanding Rawls to a Global Scale PDF
Sarah Sauter
The Resiliency of Authoritarianism: The Assad Regime of Syria PDF
Seema Kassab
Religious Edicts and Gender Roles: Case Study of Women’s Mobilization in Turkey, Iran, and Afghanistan PDF
Naila Rafique
SEASONALITY IN VIBRIO BACTERIA POPULATION STRUCTURE: A practical application of the Lotka-Volterra competition model. PDF
Alexis Bury, McKenzie Pickett
A Comparison of Landing Styles in Men’s and Women’s Division III Volleyball Players Using the Landing Error Scoring System, Gluteus Medius Strength, Navicular Drop Test, and Hip Flexor Tightness PDF
Kedryn Orrison
Women in Politics: A Comparison Between the United States and Britain PDF
Natasha Kang