Table of Contents


Interpreting the Character of Lancelot in Chrétien de Troyes’ Le Chevalier de la Charette PDF
Esther Bernstein
Castles, Confusion, and the Count: Vlad the Impaler’s Impact on Tourism in Romania PDF
Rachel Lawrence
I Left Indianapolis because the Money was Gone: Kurt Vonnegut Jr’s Roots PDF
Lee Little
The Madwomen in Our Attics: Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea’s Treatment of Feminism PDF
Megan Mericle
A Literature Analysis on the Ethics of Placebo Administration to Depressed Patients in Clinical Practice PDF
Sahil Aggarwal
Everyone Deserves to Die with Dignity PDF
Rashelle Bojarski
Improvisation: Performer as co-composer PDF
Kyle Schick
The Character of Mary I in The Famous History of Sir Thomas Wyat PDF
Averyl Dietering
Characterization Of The Lysosomal Protein Beta-Galactosidase In Gm1-Gangliosidosis Affected Sheep PDF
Masis Isikbay
Selection on Flowering Time Differs on Solidago altissima in Sites with Contrasting Water Availability PDF
Jolene M Prochazka
How Maltose Binding Proteins Recognize Substrates: Insights from Computer Simulations PDF
Cornelius Audu
Preliminary Reconstructions of Streamflow for Three Rivers in the Southern and Central Wasatch Front, Utah PDF
Nathan Gill
Controlled Geometry Layer-by-Layer Quantum Dot Solar Cells PDF
Michael Boodoo, Marta Michalik
The 1,2-Interchange of F and Cl interconverting CH2FCD2Cl and CH2ClCD2F PDF
Mary Kate Tucker
Generating Cwatsets from Multiple Graphs PDF
Jennifer E Johnson
Surface Finish Analysis of Surgical Tools Created by Direct Metal Laser Sintering and Subtractive Manufacturing PDF
Warren G Ragland III
Analysis of the Microstructure and Hardness of a Direct Digital Manufactured Metal Used for an Acetabular Cup Implant PDF
Mary Roath
Analyzing the Surface Finish of Knee Implants to Determine Criteria for Applications in Direct Metal Laser Sintering PDF
Nora M Huang
The Design, Construction, and Application of a 3D Flying Prey Simulator to Aid in the Investigation of Neuronal Control in Dragonflies PDF
Max Balter, Adam Zinman
“An Analysis of the Undergraduate Tuition Increases at the University of Minnesota Duluth” PDF
Matt Ploenzke
The Efficacy of Transesophageal and Transthoracic Echocardiography during Perioperative Cardiovascular Adverse Events in Noncardiac Surgery PDF
Ankit Agrawal
Does Generation Affect Attitudes and Perceptions about Welfare? PDF
Jonathan Holmes
Conceptions of Crisis Management: The Analysis of Pharmaceutical Companies in Germany, Japan and the United States PDF
Davina Schaetz
Stuttering Research: Variability In Fluency Across Readings PDF
Lauren L Engel
The Impact of the Dodd-Frank Act on Executive Compensation PDF
Sam Liu
Female Mortality Disadvantage in India PDF
Carly Hanson, Rebecca Hubbard
The Family Village: the "Guanxi" of Chinese Grassroots Elections PDF
Michelle Phillips
Effects of Perceived Stigma Amongst Parents of Children with Mitochondrial Disease PDF
Olivia Bolner
Parents of Children with Mitochondrial Disease: Disease Visibility, Depression, and Stigma PDF
Brittany Noyes
Effects of Environmental Enrichment on Rat Behavior in the Open Field Test PDF
Timothy J Hines, Benjamin R Minton
Who’s your Daddy? Addressing Nepotism from a Cultural Perspective PDF
Erick Briggs
An Outcome Evaluation of the South Dakota Daycare Assistance Program PDF
Abigail L Gansen
To Eat or Not To Eat: Assessing Neurocognitive Processes as Predictors of Maladaptive Eating Behaviors PDF
Rose Downey, Cassandra Iljin, Gloria Barber
The Effects of Children and Adolescents in Distress on Altruism: A Stroop Interference Study PDF
Gerardo Rodriguez, Gina R Hernandez, Andrea Burns, Neggin Keshavarzian, Robert Zhang
Does Code Switching Work for Young Children? A Case Study of English Language Learners PDF
Geena Anselmo, Mohogany Williams
Filling the Meter: Measuring the Effectiveness Of Paywalls for Online Revenue PDF
Patrick Duprey
The Relationship Between Macroeconomic Performance and Poverty – Is This Time Different? PDF
Alexander Hendin
China in Africa: South-South Camaraderie or Exploitation? PDF
Elizabeth Kennedy
Work Your Cock-tail Off: Calorie Restriction and Exercise Output in College Students Participating in Extreme Drinking PDF
Stephanie Babiarz
Comparison of Mechanical, Metallurgical Properties of 17-4PH Stainless Steel between Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) and Traditional Manufacturing Methods PDF
Alexander Gratton
A Mathematical Approach to Characterize the Transmission Dynamics of the Varicella-Zoster Virus PDF
Maria Gommel, Sam Jaros, Donglun Liu
The Effect of Health Care Reform on Genetic Discrimination PDF
Kristin Marshall
Generating Color Vignettes and Metadata for Insect Auto-Classification PDF
Jordan Gimmen, Shermaine Garcia
“The Seventh Street Improvement Arches of St. Paul, Minnesota A Study of Their History and Oblique Method of Construction” PDF
Brenna Hoisington
The Feasibility of Consumer Grade EEG Devices as Computer Input PDF
Avi Goldberg
Cortical Activation in the Primary Somatosensory Cortex: Healthy and Diagnosed Focal Hand Dystonia PDF
Rebekah Schmidt
Embryoid Body Formation is Required for Differentiation of Insulin- Producing Cell Clusters from Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells PDF
Christa Caneda
Infrared Spectroscopy Of Methane And Ethane Ices; Implications For Astronomy Studies PDF
Sarah Lee
Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase (FAAH) Inhibitors: Discovery in Lepidium meyenii (Maca) Extracts. PDF
Huyen Vu
Global Profiles of ULF Wave Power in the Quiet-time Magnetosphere PDF
Alexander Garoutte, Ceila Burstein
Thermostability Determination of Antibiotics at High Temperatures by Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry PDF
Andrea E Eisenhart, Nikolette M Disso
Production Of A Mutant, Recombinant FAR Protein Library For Use In Future Structure-Function Studies Of The Nematode-Specific FAR Family Of Protein. PDF
P.H. Comella, M.W. Schlotterback, K.A. Neutzling, A.C. Foudjet, C.L. Horien
Investigating the Role of the Nematode-Specific FAR Family of Proteins PDF
M.W. Schlotterback, P.H. Comella, D.D. Berglund, K.A. Neutzling, A.C. Foudjet, C.L. Horien
Comparative Diet Analysis of Canis rufus and Canis latrans PDF
Olivia Souther, Sloane Wiggers
Individual Variation in Cognitive Foraging Ability and Parenting in House Sparrows PDF
Sarah K Barney
Breeding a Better Strawberry Fruit by Selecting Superior Germplasm via Assaying Anthocyanin Pigment Composition PDF
Jenny Jing
(Re)Locating the Subject and Verb: How Graphic Elements in Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis Replace and Enhance Its Linguistic Components PDF
Casey Henderson
Viewing Bible as Literature through a Gnostic Lens: Allegory in Philip K. Dick’s The Divine Invasion PDF
Ben Winter
Controlling the Feebleminded Population: The Sterilization Eugenics Debate in Maryland, 1900-1960 PDF
Jessica Simpson
The Ladder, the Sepulchre, and the Status Quo PDF
Jason Scott
The Art of Survival in New Grub Street PDF
Jesse Cook
A Link to the Past: An Examination of J.S. Bach and György Kurtág’s compositions using the golden ratio and Fibonacci Sequence PDF
Jeff Laser
Our God is a Consuming Fire: The Iconography of Fire in Gothic Art and Architecture PDF
Cate Isert
Mary I in The Famous History of Sir Thomas Wyat: An Exploration of Power and Supremacy PDF
Averyl Dietering
Shakespeare’s Sonnets and Storytelling: Poetic Performance and the Lyric Voice PDF
Caitlin Larracey
Unlikely Cooperation: Cuba in the Security Council during the Gulf War PDF
Ethan Spangler
The Effect of GDP & Exchange Rates on the Trade Balance Between the United States and Mexico PDF
Colton Christensen
Tearing Apart The Online Electorate: How the Social Media of the Political Parties Polarizes the American Public PDF
Kenneth Meyer
Does the Normal Curve Accurately Model the Distribution of Intelligence? PDF
Lindsey R. Godwin, Kyle V. Smith
Are Weighted or Unweighted High School Grade Point Averages Better Indicators of College Success? PDF
Chanel Nagaishi, Michael K. Slade
Know Your Audience First: Promoting Financial Literacy with Grassroots Public Relations PDF
Kaitlin Pratt, Vanessa Perkins
Child vs. Parent Perception of Health-Related Quality of Life in Healthy Weight and Obese Children PDF
Payal Desai, Hannah Wilder
Health-Related Quality of Life in Persons with Memory Loss and their Caregivers PDF
Samantha N. Kuntz, Sarah A. Ackerman, Melissa L. Knox
An Implementation of a Graphical Interface for Molecular Simulation Software using Python and Qt4 PDF
Mirgery Medina Cuadrado, Carlos Cortés Martínez, Melissa López Serrano, Frances Martínez Miranda, Radamés Vega Alfaro
Analysis and Simulation of Bacterial Contamination on an Urban Beach at Lake Michigan PDF
Anne Bruckner, Jared Catenacci, Morgan Schroeder
Super Resolution Imaging: Verification of Theory via Optical Gain PDF
Casey Icenhour, Ainhoa Iglesias
Models of Cadmium Absorption by Italian Parsley PDF
Brittany E. Johnson, Bandana Upadhyaya
The Impact of Dredging on Heterogeneity and Fish Communities in Agricultural Streams of the greater Sandusky River Watershed, Ohio PDF
Cory Becher
Electrospun Fibers Of Poly (Vinylidene Fluoride-Trifluoroethylene)/ Poly (3- Hexylthiophene) Blends From Tetrahydrofuran PDF
William Serrano-García
Effects of River Inputs on Near-Shore Silicate Dynamics in Lake Michigan PDF
Ian De Tuncq, Sehar Fatima, Sehar Fatima, Kolin Kojura, Kolin Kojura
Zinn, Chomsky, and Heller: Voices of 20th Century Dissent PDF
Eladio Bobadilla
Giving Us Courage: The Political Rhetoric of Franklin Delano Roosevelt PDF
Daniel Gorman Jr.
Demanding Change: Student Mobilization And Neoliberal Education Policy In Chile PDF
Chelcea Boesiger
Retrospective Analysis of Patients Experiencing Gynecological Cancer in Conjunction with Liver Dysfunction PDF
James C. Lelis
Definition of Polymeric Structures Using an Atomic Force Microscope PDF
Godohaldo Pérez Medina
Understanding Emission Characteristics of a Foundry Sand Binder PDF
Anne Sheperd
Interactive Geospatial Visualizations PDF
Richard Shriner
The Impact of Mortality Salience on Religion and Spiritual Beliefs in College Students PDF
Rachel Davis
Non-visible Gesturing in Telephone Conversation PDF
Jared Desjardins
Satire in the Triumph of Death: Pieter Bruegel and Humanism PDF
Susan Gisselberg
Sickle Cell Disease Programs in Florida PDF
Faith Udoudo Umoh
The Singing Never Stopped: The Transformation of Scottish and American Supernatural Balladry PDF
Olivia M. Wikle
Stress and Unhealthy Eating in a College Sample PDF
Molly Cvetovac, Samantha Hamar
Perchlorates on Mars: Implications for the Detection of Organics on Mars PDF
Daniel J. Pacheco
Characterization of Mars Analog Rocks on Kauai and their Potential Applications to Mars PDF
Amanda N. Aguilera
Occitan Identity: Evolving National and Individual Attitudes towards the Occitan Language and Culture PDF
Ariana Moseley
Optimization of Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) Parameters for Selective Removal of MOSFET Gate Dielectric and Evaluation of its Physical and Electrical Properties PDF
Hojoon Lee, Samuel C. Wood
The Effects of Witnessing And Experiencing Family Violence: Gender Differences Among Filipino Adolescents PDF
Alicia Vanden Bussche
Effects of Perceived Stigma Amongst Parents of Children with Mitochondrial Disease PDF
Olivia Bolner
Emotional Support Among Parents of Children with Mitochondrial Disease PDF
Emily J. Burke
Pell’s Equations Through Dynamical Systems PDF
Austin Mack, Timothy Sawicki
A Betrayal of Self: Sylvia’s Journey in “A White Heron” PDF
Cheryl Lauersdorf Dabney
Performance Efficiency of Spanish Savings Banks: an Agent-based Model of Market Concentration and Competition PDF
Phuong Anh H. Nguyen
Instruments of Violence or Unwitting Pawns: A Triangulative Analysis of the Recent Phenomenon of Female Suicide Bombers, with a Focus on Al Qaeda in Iraq PDF
Eboni Blenman
Alterations in Heart Rate Physiology of the Blackworm (Lumbriculus variegatus) after Treatment with Extracts from Various Hosta varieties. PDF
Javier A. Rivera, Sherri Myers
Animals and Humans in the Eyes of the Law PDF
Ezra Neal
Positive Open Memories Correlate with Gratitude and Emotional Intensity PDF
Cody Jensen, Abagail Fister, Natacha Hall, Andrew Pereira, Stan Pichinevskiy
Wintertime Polar Ozone Evolution during Stratospheric Vortex Break-Down PDF
Olga V. Tweedy
William Byrd: Political and Recusant Composer PDF
Ariel Foshay Bacon
Engineering Structurally-Novel Antibody-Like Reagents to Improve Neutralization of HIV PDF
Siduo (Stone) Jiang
Identifying and Resolving Problematic Student Reasoning About Ionizing Radiation PDF
Rebecca Maidl, Natalie DeKay
A Critique of Ernst Nolte: Nazism as a Transcendental Metapolitical Phenomenon PDF
Emily Stewart Long
The Inhibitors and Prospects of Democracy in the Middle East and North Africa PDF
Travis Stright
Microfinance: An Analysis of Success and Challenges in West Africa PDF
Glynnis McIntyre
Lack of Financial Literacy: A Cause of Subprime Mortgage Delinquency? PDF
Christine Caldwell
Growth Phenotype and Biochemical Characterization of a Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (Green Micro-Alga) Pigment Deficient Mutant F3 (14) PDF
Kathryn D. Lankford, Kelsey A. Gaston, Phillip B. Grovenstein, Surangi Perera
Poor Correlation Between Pre-Transplant Visualized Estimate of Deceased Donor Liver Steatosis and Reperfusion Biopsy Assessment PDF
Spencer D. Fuller
Early Post-Transplant Resolution of Liver Allograft Steatosis and its Impact on Graft Survival PDF
Spencer D. Fuller
Characteristics Of Museum Exhibit Learning Objects In The 21st Century PDF
Sonya Waterhouse
The Effect of Leadership and Gender Roles on Alcohol Use in the Greek Community PDF
Amelia Kinsella
Parallel Compression of Time-Variant Scientific Data for Collaborative Visualizations PDF
Kathryn Rodgers
Personality and Competitive Antecedents of Sales Performance: Surprising Findings PDF
Adam Webb, Spencer Petty, Jarrod Heiner, Jorge Marimontes
The Influence of the Unaccompanied Bach Suites PDF
Meredith Lawrence
"I Wol Yow Nat Deceyve": The Pardoner's Virtuous Path in The Canterbury Tales PDF
Lindsay Stephens
Men, on Islands: Ethnomasculinity in The Isle of Pines and Robinson Crusoe PDF
Grayson Del Faro Stocks
First Step Toward Freedom: Women in Contraband Camps In and Around the District of Columbia During the Civil War PDF
Lauren H. Roedner
A House Divided: Women’s Activism in the Minnesota Labor Movement, 1900-1935 PDF
Ryan M. Tate
The Evolution of Crusading Rhetoric PDF
Jamin Dabkowski
From Andy Warhol to Elizabeth Peyton: Americans’ Fascination with Popular Culture Lives On PDF
Lauren Potter
Mary Grace and the Warthog from Hell: Violent Redemption in Flannery O’Connor’s “Revelation” PDF
Halina Hopkins
The Battle of Booth & the Balladeer: In Sondheim and Weidman's Assassins PDF
Seán Geizer
Tradition, Development, and Change in Bhutan PDF
Sarah Collins
Utah State Courts: Protecting or Exploiting Children in Custody Battles PDF
Laurie Ann Henderson
From Ana and Mia With Love: An Ethical Debate of Online Pro-Anorexic/Bulimic Websites PDF
Karleigh Ellsworth
What Happed to the Revolution?: A Comparative Analysis of Civil Rights Era African American Communities and African American Communities of Today Utilizing the Value Added Model Theory PDF
Russell Grandberry
Salience of Race vs. Gender to Preschool Children PDF
Daniel Clark
Skin Bleaching in Western and Central Africa: A Critical Analysis Utilizing the Social Learning and Colonial Mentality Theories PDF
Nina-Belle S. Mbayu
Black Latinos/Latinas: A Qualitative Analysis of the Overlooked Dichotomy Using the Cultural Selection and National Identity Theories PDF
Kayla Mosquera
The Effects of Project-Based Learning (PBL) Approach on the Achievement and Efficacy of High School Mathematics Students: A Longitudinal Study Investigating the Effects of the PBL Approach in Mathematics Education. PDF
Anna Filcik, Kristen Bosch, Samuel Pederson, Nicholas Haugen
Student Preferences and Performance: A Comparison of Open-Book, Closed Book, and Cheat Sheet Exam Types PDF
Noelle Mathew
Anamorphic Art with a Tilted Cylinder PDF
Erika Gerhold, Angela Rose
The Effects Of Quagga Mussels On Phosphorous-Dependent Growth Of Cladophora In Near-Shore Lake Michigan PDF
Daniel Monge, Aurrielle Eberhardy, Moksha Shah
Innovating from the Front: A Methodology for Developing Effective Disruptive Innovations PDF
Nicolas G. Starck-King
“Exploring Smart Phone Security through the Development of Applications on the Android Platform” PDF
Todd Berry Ann, Brad Hitchens, Alexander Harris, Peter Lofreddo, Riley McKenna, Daniel Powell
Characterization Of Perchlorate Photostability Under Simulated Martian Conditions PDF
Hana F.H. Martucci
Searching for Organics in Star-forming Regions PDF
Tin Tran
The Kinematics of the Ionized Hydrogen in NGC 3372 (Carina Nebula) PDF
Clarissa D. Vázquez Colón, Milennys Velázquez Flores, Milzaida Merced Sanabria, Grace M. Fontánez Santana
Fluvial Arsenic in Utah Valley, Salt Lake Valley and the Wasatch Range: Analogy with the Himalayan Range and the Ganges River Floodplain PDF
Gabriela Ferreira
Effects of Low Dose Nonylphenol Exposure on the Proper Development of the Xenopus laevis Neural Crest PDF
Angela Fioretti
The Effect of Androgen Deprivation Therapy on Glucose Metabolism in Prostate Cancer Patients PDF
Brant Adams, Austin R Okelberry, Shaun T Webb, Casey Whale
Immune Responses to Anti-Chlamydial Peptide Vaccine Candidates in a Murine Infection Model PDF
Lyndsey Reich
Quantifying the Effects of Antibiotic-Loaded Nanodevices to Treat Chlamydial Infections PDF
Christopher M. McPharlin
Frequency Analysis on Ellipses: Elliptic Fourier Transform PDF
Joao Donacien N. Nsingui
“Der Lindenbaum”: Ironic Dualism In Schubert's Winterreise PDF
Seán Geizer
Investigating Potential Ryanodine Receptor Agonism of Environmental Pollutants Having Two Non-Coplanar Aromatic Rings PDF
Juliana Biro
What Was That Again, Congenital Disorder Of Glycosylation? PDF
Janelle Roberts
Culture Differences in an Inattentional Blindness Study PDF
Tita E. Rodriguez-Godinez, Kathleen Someah, Sandivel Torres Garcia
Multiphase Relations of Magellanic Cloud Cepheids PDF
Earl Bellinger
Freezing Spray & Ice Accretion on Vessels: A Comprehensive Study PDF
Christa Funk
An Analysis of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Voting Patterns on the Free Exercise Clause of Religion PDF
Carlin M. Bunting
A Comparative Study of Youth and Parent/Guardian Perceptions of Risk Factors that Lead to Adolescent Delinquency PDF
Todd Spencer
Exploring Learning Difficulties Associated with Understanding Ionizing By Radiation PDF
Anna Hafele
Developing Rating Curves for Bedrock Step-Pool Rivers using Sparse Data PDF
Kevin Stuart
Tests of Gravity Below Fifty Microns PDF
Holly Leopardi
A Comparative Analysis of the Effects of Private, Public and Home Schooling on African American Females and Males and their Racial Counterparts PDF
Shonte' Parrish
“Follow Me” 跟我来: Chinese History, Language and Culture PDF
Bakhtiyar Baidaralin, Jason Fortin, Ryan Richter, Margaret Wong
Testing of an AC Magnetic Susceptometer PDF
Ryan H. Fukuda, Smitha Sunny
Seasonal Shifts in Soil Bacterial Diversity in Southwestern Pennsylvania PDF
Jessica A. Papale, Ashley V. Kondas, Peter E. Leehan
Impact of Time, Weathering and Surface Type on Fingerprinting PDF
Tosha Grey
The Financial Crisis and the Housing Market Crash in the United States: A Systematic Analysis Using Marxist Theory and Triangulative Methodology PDF
Jessica Curto-Smith
Public Schools vs. Charter Schools: A Comparative Analysis of Success in Chicago Using the Functional Theory PDF
De’Rell Bonner
An Algebraic Approach to Building Category Parse Trees for Web Tables PDF
Dongpu Jin
Thin Line between Love and Hate: Comparison of Males and Females and Their Feelings Utilizing the Sexual Difference Theory PDF ()
Myeisha Essex
The Disparities between Urban and Suburban American Education Systems: A Comparative Analysis Using Social Closure Theory PDF
Whitney Wright
The Financial Crisis and the Housing Market Crash in the United States: A Systematic Analysis Using Marxist Theory and Triangulative Methodology PDF
Jessica Curto-Smith
Is It Worth the Sweat?: Effects on Human Rights caused by Sweatshops in El Salvador PDF
Rachel Boyell
An Open Road to Delinquency: An Analysis of the Special Education System in American Public Schools Employing Conflict Theory PDF
Brittany M. Williams
Ending the Slave Trade and Slavery in the British Empire: An Explanatory Case Study Utilizing Qualitative Methodology and Stratification and Class Theories PDF
Jon-Michael Washington
A Qualitative Analysis of the Rise of Gangs and Youth Genocide, with a Focus on New York City, Using the Social Learning and Social Contract Theories PDF
Kandice Purdy
From Plantation to Prison: A Look at the Continuous Mental, Social and Cultural Imprisonment of Criminal Offenders Using the Realist Theory PDF
Kandice Purdy
A Qualitative Analysis of Child Trafficking in Haiti and the Dominican Republic Using the Capitalist Theory PDF
Shanelly Pena
How the African American Community Deals with Hearing Impaired Individuals: A Qualitative Analysis Using Social Learning Theory PDF
Lakeisha O'Neal
The Imbalance of Trade in the Global Marketplace: An Analysis of Realism in International Relations PDF
Amanda Morgan
The Effects of Black Radio on the African American Community in the 1940s- 1970s and the New Millennium: A Qualitative Analysis Using the Cultivation Analysis Theory PDF
Marcia V. A. Jennings
One Hundred Years Later: A Qualitative Analysis of the Progression of the African National Congress through the Presidency of Jacob Zuma Using the Marxist Theory PDF
Andrew Hairston
From Picket Lines to Picket Fences: A Triangulative Analysis of Residential Outcomes of the Black Washingtonian Middle Class, 2000-2009 PDF
Peris Flagg
The Effects of Poverty on Achievement Gap: A Quantitative Analysis Using Stratification Theory PDF
Skukura Edwards
Capitalism in Disguise: A Critical Investigation of the Recent Influx of Fast Food Chains in Trinidad and Tobago and Its Socioeconomic Effects PDF
Luanne Edwards
The Importance of Extended Families in the African American Community: A Qualitative Analysis Using Social Learning Theory PDF
Neshonia Armstrong
The Effect Of Thermal Annealing On The Efficiency Of Semi-Transparent Organic Solar Cells PDF
Gabriel Calderón Ortiz
From Nobel Peace Prize Recipient to War Hero: An in-depth Analysis of the Contradictory War Policies of President Barack Obama Testing the Pacifist Theory PDF
Shakei T. Haynes

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