Thin Line between Love and Hate: Comparison of Males and Females and Their Feelings Utilizing the Sexual Difference Theory

Myeisha Essex


The emotions that one experiences when in love are those of joy, happiness, and excitement. The emotions that one experiences when filled with hate are those of sadness, anger and, sometimes, disappointment. Even though these two emotions are at two different ends of the spectrum, they can sometimes intertwine with each other and take on the emotions of the opposite feeling. When one is in love, he or she can also experience the emotions of sadness, anger and, sometimes, disappointment. Utilizing the Sexual Difference Theory, this paper hypothesizes that the actions that one takes when he or she is filled with hate can also be the same actions that he or she takes when in love. Love crimes are examples of these two emotions being intertwined. Celebrities that have been killed by their fans are another example of these two emotions also being intertwined. This paper examines the correlation between love and hate through young female and male adults between the ages of 18 and 25 in Chicago, Illinois. The data collected from surveys, books, and journals, by using the document analysis technique are qualitatively and quantitatively analyzed to determine the validity of the suggested hypothesis. The results yielded made it possible to accept the tested hypothesis.


Chicago; Love; Hate

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