Definition of Polymeric Structures Using an Atomic Force Microscope

Godohaldo Pérez Medina


The capability to direct-write and pattern polymeric materials with interesting electronic and electro-optical properties at the nanoscale creates a number of opportunities, since a large variety of monomers/polymers are available. In this preliminary phase of the work an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) model Dimension 3100 from Digital Instruments, operating in contact mode, is being used to establish conditions for this purpose. Initial conditions were established using a 0.5 mM supersaturated MHA (mercaptohexadecanoicacid) solution with ethanol. Images of squares with 1 μm2 could be observed using friction mode (scale of 0.2 V). These initial conditions are being changed for operation using solutions with polyacrylonitrile (PAN) and N,N Dimethylformalmide (DMF) as solvent. Friction images of squares with 1 μm2 were defined using a polymeric solution with 25 mg of PAN and 5 ml DMF.


Dip-pen nanolithography; Polymeric nanostructures,;Polyacrylonitrile

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