Electrospun Fibers Of Poly (Vinylidene Fluoride-Trifluoroethylene)/ Poly (3- Hexylthiophene) Blends From Tetrahydrofuran

William Serrano-García


For the first time fibers of poly (vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene) / poly (3-hexylthiophene) – (PVDF- TrFE/P3HT) were formed in air at room temperature via electrospinning which is an inexpensive, fast and reliable technique. The presence of semiconducting P3HT assisted in the fabrication of PVDF-TrFE fibers at low polymer concentrations in tetrahydrofuran. UV/Vis spectroscopy showed that P3HT was uniformly incorporated into the PVDF-TrFE solution with no polymer segregation. Scanning electron microscope images show a reduction in the beading effect and an increase in the quantity of fibers formed with increasing PVDF-TrFE concentrations. The ability to produce these fibers opens up the possibility of fabricating miniaturized ferroelectric field effect transistors.


Fibers; PVDF-TrFE; P3HT; Electrospinning

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